I'm doing a pretty piss poor job of updating this thing, which is too bad cuz that's, according to the blogsperts, how you gain a good following. I am by no means a professional blogger, but if I were, I would have to be updating this thing at least twice a day. I went to a seminar about pro blogging last wednesday. The speaker was Heather Armstrong from Dooce.com. She talked about pro blog life and how it never ends, blah, blah and how to gain a following and get ad endorsements. Made me want to get going on something like that...but knowing all the other stuff I have going on right now, I prob won't do that. At least not here. The reality is I have no category. I have no kids, I'm not married, I'm just me, with a house and some roommates I can't blog about and extended family I never talk to. I'm an expert on something, but that's all kept on my professional blog. Yes, it's true I do have a space for Google ads on the top of my blog, but so far I haven't actually made a dime on those. I don't really have the traffic for that kind of click-through action (but they're great for a little entertainment via polygamy and anti-mormon ads, right?). So, dear readers, you'll just have to be satisfied with my sporadically, maybe once or twice weekly postings. Hope you're okay with that. I love you anyway. The end.


Steve said…
Well, I DO wish you updated more, but I'll take what I can get.
I think the notion of a professional blogger is along the lines of hedge fund managers and eBay sellers; it sounds easy and anyone can do it, but most people fail! haha. Blogging IS hard work. Case in point, look how many casual ones die quickly w/o any updates.
But anyways, I never plan(ned) to make any money off mine (I always wondered why you had ads on yours!), but do hope to parlay it into some sort of guest spot on MSNBC or BWE since I seem to be about a week or two ahead of the MSM (at least politics side) with my thoughts, haha.

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