Digest this as you dine out

The New York Times had a story today about a new law in the big apple that makes restaurants report just how many calories are in each dessert, drink and meal. This is stuff like 1500 calorie salads, 850 calorie slices of chocolate cake or 600 for a muffin. But would you really want to know? Do you go out to simply enjoy yourself "calories, shmalories"? Or are you really trying to cut back and think having this information available at the restaurants in your city would really help you think twice about the tastes upon your tongue?


Steve said…
I think this is a great idea! I always think about the calories in food before I eat them, home and out, and know that I am probably underestimating the food made out by at least 10%. :( Now maybe people will stop eating 1,000 calorie salads dripping in fattening dressing (guilty!) and then complaining that their gym workout is giving them a bigger butt! haha, it ain't the gym workout, honey! ha
abby said…
I think it it's a great idea mainly because it will help keep the 1000 calorie salad off the menu. I've been reading Michael Pollen lately so I'm even more curious about where my food comes from. Stay away from me evil corn syrup.
SJ said…
Ya, I've heard the salad is the worst to order because of all the calorie-laden extras like cheese and dressing.

Anyone see the new corn syrup ad in magazines claiming it is just as healthy as sugar (as if sugar is healthy)? I saw it recently in Health Mag. The campaign is "Sweet surprise: the truth about corn syrup". http://www.hfcsfacts.com...umm, right guys.
Dainon. said…
Dressing on the side! Always.

I'm sorta excusing myself from this convo considering I eat most of my meals at home, but ... okay, I'm not ... the US of A has been giving us oversized portions for far too long. It's about time people are allowed to take some accountability for what they want to put into their bodies. I'm all for knowing the calorie count. Bring it on.

I had a friend visiting from Japan for an extended length of time who never finished more than half of whatever meal we had together.

"You Americans eat so much!" And she was right. I've been getting used to eating a meal the size of a fist for the past month or so and, the crazy thing is, it's not all that hard to do.
Sherpa said…
I'd like to know.
Steve said…
dainon, you are so right! K and I hardly go out to eat b/c it is always so much food. I'm down to eating four small meals a day. I feel so much better and it's a lot easier to maintain my body image. I've even substituted unsweetened iced tea for diet pop for a lot of my lunches! If I can do it, Mr Mt Dew in high school and college, then you all can too!
SJ said…
I'm all for smaller meals, too. Ever since my ulcer this summer I started changing the way I ate...but then there's those once a month cravings (ladies, you know what I am talking about, they are out of control sometimes)

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