Grew up in Utah or just familiar with the stereotypical Utah Mo gal? (I'm writing mo instead of the whole name so I don't get any more p to the lygamy ads) Check out serioslysoblessed for a good laugh.


Steve said…
Maybe that is why I don't find it that funny, just grating; I haven't spent enough time in Utah. I mean, it's funny the first few lines, then it just seems very repetitive.
SJ said…
Oh Steve, there are so, so, so many little precious hidden jokes in there. I think you'd have to be from Utah and to grow up Mormon in suburbia to appreciate them all. I really like the last one where she comments about her future sister-in-law serving a mission on purpose. Outside of Utah the girls are encouraged and praised for serving a mish, in Utah it means you are an old maid who couldn't get married or don't have the desire to. Lol. It's so weird here. And I love how she talks about going to beauty school before she was married. Seriously so awesome.
mj said…
I find her posts to sometimes be kind of funny because of their total ridiculousness, but I can definitely say that 3 1/2 years in utah in college was not enough to understand the source of most of the humor on that site, so yeah it probably is a being "from" utah thing and not just spending time there. though it's been a pretty long time, i do actually remember feeling kind of old in provo at the ripe age of 21. what the??? i guess it's good that someone is making fun of the sort of culture that would consider 21-year-olds to be old.

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