Thirty years and a day ago this lady had me.

But really, it all starts with this guy.

Mom and Dad met in Mississippi. He was there in the airforce, she was a rebelious twenty-year old with very short skirts who came to live with her aunt (of the exact same age - Mormon family) to get over a bad relationship with her bad biker boyfriend. It wasn't love at first site.

Too many girls were apparently chasing my dad and my mom seemed to be the only one who couldn't care less about him. So he asked her to...the hardware store. How very romantic.

Long story short, they fell in love.

But this was three years later and after Mom moved back to Salt Lake, dad got engaged to another girl, disengaged from that girl, Mom sent off a missionary and Dad kept calling "for some weird reason" (Mom's words).

And then they had me...OK, first they had Sam, THEN they had me.

That's me with my little brother Seth and big brother Sam, on my 6th birthday.

Thanks mom and dad, for bringing me into this world with you.


Sherpa said…
Nice post. Love the family pix.
abby said…
This was an awesome post. I love the goovey 70s pictures. I think you look a lot like your mom.
SJ said…
Everybody says I do. We actually have this one old black and white photo of some of my ancestors on my mom's dad's mom's side (like way back there from the 1800's polygamy times) and there is a lady in the picture that I swear IS my mom! She is the spitting image! That lady would be my great, great grandma. It's freaky like, woah! There's my mom in a back in the pioneer days photograph.
Steve said…
Are those the same sunglasses your dad is wearing in the 70's and the present photo? Cool! I always like these family posts. I should do one with my parents!
Dom said…
Coincidence Tag
Princesska said…
hahaa... i love the 6 year old pic! You are DARLING! Oh - and my parents story is very similar except my mom's bad biker boyfriend was shot in the head ... and she moved back to live with her mom and fell in love with my navy dad. haha weird

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