Mcain picks Sarah Palin as his running mate!

The man is a genious! A real, bona-fide, f*king genius! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! This is the most exciting presidential race in history...the only question I have is who is this Sarah Palin and why, other than that she's a woman, did he pick her?


Dainon. said…
Cause she's a dead ringer for Tina Fey? And Tina Fey is funny. Maybe she's sorta funny?
B. said…
well, she was on the city council. then she was mayor of a town of 5,000 people. and she's been governor for a year and a half of a state that i'm not convinced really exists.
mj said…
I have to admit this was a gutsy move. And a shrewd one, too. And possibly his only hope. It makes me pretty excited to think no matter who wins this election, it's not going to be two old white dudes. No offense to old white dudes, but why not give somebody else a chance?

YAY to America for shaking off the shackles.

I'm still voting democratic as I think McCain has become more and more loony over the years, but this is going to be interesting.
SJ said…
Good answers, good answers. Palin IS McCain's only hope. Dems had most of the middle practically convinced the big M was the twin of GW Bush...when only a few short years ago the Republicans were sure McCain was in bed with the Democrats. He's much more progressive than most of his party, but he's seen as an old white dude.

I was not convinced, and still am not convinced on whom to vote for in this election. McCain has war time experience, is a bit more progressive, pledges to keep taxes low, yet agrees with the invasion of Iraq. Obama is fresh, charismatic and would improve our relations with the rest of the world. However, he also would raise taxes at a time when our economy is floundering and it's hard for the working class to make ends meet.

I don't want my vote to be about voting for the cool black guy or the guy with a woman running mate. It's about the policies and platforms that will shape our country and give us the best opportunities for growth and progress over the next four years.
Princesska said…
LET'S SHATTER THE GLASS ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! I was so happy when Palin referred to Clinton in her speech. That my friend, is absolute genius.

She's actually great - she's upped alternative energy use in Alaska 17%. She's the only one on the ticket with executive experience. And she's probably the only woman all the republican shovenist would ever vote for because she's sooo far right.

If McCain dies can she take over - ahhh... probably not. But Obama isn't qualified for the white house either.

McCain just realized that Obama made this election about much more than actual issues and qualifications -- it's all about race, gender, and slogans. GREAT - Just freaking great.
Steve said…
This is a total pander to hope to get women to vote for him. I can't wait to see Biden eat her for lunch at the VP debate! Although, with such low expectations, she only has to show she can chew and talk at the same time. Seriously, I think I am more qualified than she is!!!! And since when did have lots of sex and giving birth count as executive experience?!?! If he wanted to pick a woman, there were many, many more qualified choices. It shows he wanted to pander.
$teve said…
Two words - Eye Candy

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