Eleven year reunion pic

Tanner Larson, Liela Barella, Me, Becca Paller, Terry Park - Our butts look huge in this shot. Lol!

So many memories and good times. Sluffing with Tanner (a Utah term that means skipping school), sitting across from him in English class, making fun of crazy Madame Schroeter in French. Mall and movies with Leila, meeting boys we knew we weren't allowed to date but secretely did. Giving girl names to guys we liked. Terry and I bobbing our heads to the Cranberries "Zombie" and playing extras in "Touched by an Angel". Making up songs about our friends with Becca and doing really dumb things with fireworks till her neighbors called the fire department on us. Seminary, movies, drive-thrus, making out with boys, dances, more sluffing, good friends, good times, good memories.


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