It's time I admitted it. I have a crush on the new David Archuleta song. You all know I'm a big fan. But this song, I can't believe it came out of this kid. And I can't get it out of my head. It's one of those songs that portrays something you hope and pray happens to you. I am in love with it.


abby said…
I used to listen to Z100 when I lived near NYC. It's kind of weird to see radio personalities in real life. I'm sure you got that all the time.
SJ said…
Ya, the cartoon icon we had on our site for the show made me look like I was their latina reporter. That or I would get "oh, you're actually young" I don't know what that said about me.

There was another guy on the show I'd heard as a reporter in the day slot before. I had the impression he was somewhat attractive, tall and into sports all based on his voice. He was actually short, chubby and cantankerous in real life. Hilarious looking back.

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