Born again

I feel more myself, or should I say more at ease with myself than I ever have before in my life. I feel like I am at a point in my life where I am not doing things to impress other people, or for fear of offending other people or fear of other's judgement (for the most part). I can't help but think part of it has to do with a maturing of my religious views and part of it to do with turning 30. It feels really good. I feel like I own myself. Not my parents (though bless their hearts they try but I love them anyway) own me, not my roommates, ex-boyfriend, friends, boss (I own my own company, hallelujah!). No one but me owns me and guides the course of my life. There is a freedom in that. There is something to turning 30 which has made me reflect who it is I want to be and what I want to make of the rest of my life. Life. There have been stages of my life, instances of reflection, moments of change and growth. But this stage is like a renewal. I am no longer a kid. I am reborn as an offical adult with my own experiences that have shaped my life and my own path to make ahead. Life, my friends, begins at 30.

Inspiration: Life Begins at 30


Steve said…
I hear ya! I've sort of done some thinking about stuff after turning 30 too. I've been comfortable with myself for years, but certain "cool" things don't seem so cool or even relevant anymore! :)
abby said…
The zen of 30.

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