People tell me I look just like someone else they know. I've even been compared to Kate Winslet, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (well, twice anyway) and Punky Brester. Then DangerM spotted my twin playing Tatiana with the Russian Opera and sent me her picture. Possible double?


Abby said…
She looks a little bit like you, but not really. People think I'm someone they've met before all the time. I must have a really familiar looking face.
Steve said…
SJ, you sort of look alike. Maybe in certain lights or angles, but not really from the pics on here I've seen of you.

Abby, people say the same thing about me ALL the time. It happened today actually. The funny thing is that most people, no matter where in the world I am, say I look like "so and so" that they know or knew (sometimes it's someone they went to high school or college with generations ago!), yet no matter the country, they think I am from another country.

I'm a person that looks like everyone, but not anyone wherever I happen to be?!?! How can this be?!?!? haha.

My most famous look a like would be either Zach Braff or Jude Law. If they had a kid together, it'd be me. And Keanu Reeves would play me in a movie since I think we have a lot of the same mannerisms, haha.
SJ said…
Steve - Hmmm, Zach Braff or Jude Law? They look really diferent from each other...but strangely, I see it in your pic.
Jase said…
Her face looks a little too hard. You're much prettier. When we were talking about this the other night I was going to mention this but I forgot:


It's sort of spotty, but it's kind of fun.
SJ said…
Jase thinks I'm pretty :)
Princesska said…
...and Reece Witherspoon!

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