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I had yet another funky conversation with B last night about his ultimate hate of fat people. He says life is slated against them. He says people have their predjudices and it prevents these weight-challenged individuals from getting what they want in life, be it money, jobs, dates, whatever. I butted in that it was because of people like him, with these predjudices, that fatter people have a harder time. That if he and others didn't think this way then there wouldn't be a problem. He said it was an excuse to let them off the hook for being lazy. And well, he's right. Some people are overweight because they ARE lazy. But not everyone. And why should their weight prevent them from getting what they want...or even have anything to do with their success in life? But then again...why are we so concerned with weight if it really isn't that big of a deal? Is society predjudiced about fat people enough to prevent them from getting what they really want? Are most of them just lazy and that's really why they don't get what they want? Is it their fault or society's fault for putting that sort of pressure on everyone to look a certain way?

Btw-in case you've been hiding in a bomb shelter, Whitney Houston is not thin in the above picture for an eating disorder but for a nasty coke habit...allegedly.


Steve said…
Coke, it's what's for dinner!

I kind of agree with B. Most fat people are b/c they are lazy and/or have no self control to not put scheisse into their mouth! Seriously, read a label every now and then. If there weren't so many of these types of fat people clogging up our health care system and in our face all the time, we could actually take the time and effort to focus on the ones that have serious health/mental issues to help them. But when almost 1/2 of the people are fat, it's find the needle in the haystack.
mj said…
I dunno. I do think genetics play a BIG role (you know what I mean). I do try to eat relatively healthy stuff most of the time, but I have my share of ice cream and snacks on occasion and my exercise is not that regular (Sometimes I run three times a week, but sometimes it's only once). I am definitely on the skinny side. It's true that on average I eat smaller portions than others, but only slightly, and that's only fitting with how small I am bone-structure-wise.

Anyway, I have a cousin that has basically grown up at my parents house, eating all the same stuff I did when I lived there, and she is a large girl (not really huge but clearly overweight). She comes from part of the same stock as me but her mother who is not a blood relative of mine was very overweight, ok, she was obese, and so there is clearly a big diff b/w our metabolisms.

Well, anyway, it's obviously a little from column A, a little from column B.
Scully said…
As someone who has struggled with weight my entire life, I have to comment. Part of it is being "lazy" in that I have never particularly cared for things like sweating and exerting myself. But then I grew up with asthma and allergies, so any sort of sport could end with me not breathing. So I try to eat healthy and take care of myself, but I still occasionally sneak a handful of chocolate chips or a Coke. But I still can't break 180. My younger brother (who is adopted) survives on red meat, Pringles, and 2% milk is 6'3" and maybe 150 soaking wet. He tries to gain weight and simply does not. So I think genetic plays a huge role in body type, but you still are responsible for being the best version of yourself that you can be. And that is the challenge.
Steve said…
Yes, genetics DOES affect you. For one, it establishes your baseline metabolism. However, you CAN change this.

The biggest issue facing everyone, skinny or not, is that our lifestyles and food today are nothing like the past. It's mostly chemicals which build up and negatively affect our bodies. Then, most of us do office or service work, which makes us less prone for actual "hard" labor. We are weak and soft compared to our ancestors.

To compensate with our modern days, we just have to eat more natural and exercise more. For instance, take the typical Roman or Renaissance body type. It was leaner and stronger, both men and women, b/c they had to do much more stuff in a day by hand (burned more calories) and granted most didn't eat the best (one reason their life expectancy was less than 45), it was chemicals that build up in your liver and affect your thyroid and other essential glands. Plus, we eat at least twice the amount of calories in a day than most of our ancestors did.

So in other words, we ALL have to work harder in modern times to be a healthy weight.
Steve said…
sorry, above should read "it was NOT chemicals that build up in your liver and affect your thyroid and other essential glands."

I get too excited sometimes. :)
Loralee said…
I don't have a comment about fat people, but I am writing here to ask SJ for her email and mailing address. I want to invite you to the wedding! send me an email at loraleesuperstar@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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