Never fear, loyal readers. I have not abandoned you. Just been a bit preoccupied with current events. In case you didn't already know, I was recently (as in last week) laid off. The company I was working for deals mostly with home builders. Home building isn't doind so well. Yes, even in Utah. The PR department is usually the first to go in financially troublesome times (well, actually at our agency it was the cleaning crew first, then my department). It's okay though. I discovered the department of workforce services. They don't dole out a lot, but it's a little, enough to eek by on. This gives me time to work on my, I mean a new job.

Truth is, I didn't particularly like my job anyway. There was a lot of disorganization and a boss, which, for being in the communications field, wasn't particularly good at communicating. There were also some interesting unethical client billing practices and the issue of the high turnover rate. But I knew that going in. Apparently everyone before me in my position had been on drugs.

Well, if anything, working there was good entertainment.


Dainon. said…
This explains your only answering my texts sometimes, yes? Yes.

Good luck with the universe. I'm looking her in the eyes of late as well ... I just can't tell what she's thinking.
abby said…
Wow SJ! I hope that job is what you are waiting for. At least, you can catch up watching all that delectable day time tv.
SJ said…
D, I answer all your texts...don't I? Wait, I think I do. Well, I mean to anyway lol. Let me know when the universe throws a message your way.

Abz, I used to love TV. Especially reality TV. I couldn't get enough of America's Next Top Model. It was the show that was so horrible I couldn't turn away. And everyone knows my deep, burning love of American Idol. But now that I have all this free time TV has no appeal. I used to think those people who claim to never watch TV were so smug...or closet TV watchers who thought it was cool to pretend they actually didn't like this global phenomenon. But here I am, completely bored with it.

I'd rather take a vacation before I find the next job. But the trick with having all this time is that there isn't really money for a vacation when you are jobless. :(
mj said…
that sucks. i'm sure you'll find something better but the limbo thing is really weird. i was once without job waiting for the next job to start and it's kind of a nice break, but it's also kind of lame because you can't do anything truly fun. read a great book or something.

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