Jordan was always the cutest

(note the American Flag background and Donnie's "drugs suck" t-shirt)

I can now admit, as an adult, that I was indeed a NKOTB fan. I was, afterall, their target tweeny-bopper audience at the time. Then one strange and fateful summer, the summer before sixth grade, the first boy dance band ever suddenly became really uncool to like. In fact, all those previously known fans claimed they never liked them in the first place and that New Kids were for "babies". But, well, we are grown-ups now and let's face it, there was a time we crushed and cooed over each and every member. I even had a poster.

I gotta admit these guys really are as hot now as I thought they were when I was eleven (except the one on the end, Danny, I think. He looks like a monkey).


Loralee said…
I agree about Jordan! Did you know that I had (and still have) a Jordan Knight doll? He even comes complete with the long braid in the back and everything. NKOTB RULE!!!!!!
Dainon. said…
You do know they're coming to the Salt Lake, yes?
mj said…
I never liked these guys. I'm not saying I was any better off. My favorite bands were Poison, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, etc. Looking back, some of those bands come off as mysoginist jerks while NKOTB was only silly. But as a ten-year-old, the hair bands had the style I would attempt to emulate in my living room with my best friend/neighbor and a broom as my guitar.
db said…
you are so going to one of their concerts

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