Food as Fuel, cont.

From the Washington Post -

Although ethanol was once promoted as a way to slow climate change, a study published in Science magazine Feb. 29 concluded that greenhouse-gas emissions from corn and even cellulosic ethanol "exceed or match those from fossil fuels and therefore produce no greenhouse benefits."


esperanza said…
But don't you think that lowering our dependency on fossil fuels is more important than the emissions issue? Or at least a good reason to move over to ethanol anyway?
SJ said…
This fuel debate is a bit like chess. We need to look ahead and act responsibly. Shifting over to ethanol will only increase our world-wide problems. If we use ethanol we cut into food sources for the third world. This also will create higher food prices in traditional staples even here. This puts a burden on the poor and middle class, creates famine for the third world. This creates the perfect storm for more war, more poverty, more hunger, more strife. Then add in that it doesn't actually reduce any emissions. Think about why there is so much emphasis on ethanol and not on already available cleaner technologies like wind or sun power or even electricity (and the technology is there for cleaner coal power). but there's no funding for that. Why? Why must it be our food source?

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