the Crimson Tide

Two very momentous things happened to me yesterday. I got the media coverage I really, really wanted for an event I put together. It was awesome. Fox 13, KSL, KCPW, the Salt Lake Tribune, all the major news outlets a pr gal could wish for..and right in the middle of that event, right when I HAD to be there and COULD NOT leave...I got my period. I knew it was coming. A girl can feel these things. But didn't know it would be right then and there. Oh, the joys of being a woman! It was all I could do to hope nothing bled through my favorite grey linen pants as I introduced our key speakers to the media.

Then, knowing I was all out of those special supplies that I knew I should have taken the time beforehand to get but kept forgetting to and that I would definetly need for the next four days or so, I went to my local grocery store and stocked up. This time making sure to get pleny of supplies, a whole years worth if I could; filled the whole basket. Now, if that's not embarrassing enough, I got in line with the basket full of feminine hygiene products, only to discover my ex-boyfriend's father right in front of me in line. "Oh, no," I panicked and quickly ducked out of line, raced around the store, feminine hygiene products in tow. I then came back around to where he was and ducked behind one of the aisles to wait for him to leave. I didn't care what other people in the store thought at this point...I didn't know THEM.

I don't think he saw me. He might have, but I didn't dare turn around to look back. Just then, as I was there, happy I'd escaped an embarrassing situation with a familial reminder of my ex-boyfriend, the song, "Lonely, I'm so lonely" came over the sound system. And there I was, all alone, first day of my period (which can be emotional enough) and a basket full of tampons, hiding from my ex-boyfriend's dad.


Steve said…
Ha, that is a hilarious story.

Although, I doubt the dad would have cared about your feminine needs. He is a father after all so he has seen much worse in his life! If any guy over the age of 30 can't talk about periods at least in the general sense like a girl talking about baseball, then he is very immature.

I realized I was a man when I went to the store by myself and bought tampons for K.
Dainon. said…
Oh, man ... it's funny cause it's true (if you're one of those truth tellers, that is). So awesome.

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