Monday, April 14, 2008

How to Pimp Pooches in Utah County

This is me and Bill Allred from X96 Radio From Hell. The whole team, Carey, Bill and Gina all came out for a remote at the Ranches in Eagle Mt. Utah (that's Utah County area) for the Pimp My Pooch Dog Fair and Charity Auction. Bill was our auctioneer. I must say he's a pretty kool kat even up close.

These are some of the houses our builders put together for the auction. We raised almost $2000 and adopted out 5 dogs that day for the Humane Society of Utah.

We also had an electronic dog obstacle course that most of the dogs were over-joyed to run through, a pet psychic, dog massage classes, dog bling and of course we sold hot dogs.

The turnout was awesome. Maybe 400-500 people came. This was such a fun event, the first I've ever put together and I think I did a pretty damn good job (if I do say so myself). Rumor is we'll make this an annual event. Hope so.

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