April Fools

The guys at work told me about a week ago that the crane operator working on the building next to our building refers to me as his girlfriend. Did I mention he has a long, braided goatee? I've been paranoid to go out to the parking lot ever since. Then today I get this message in my email:

Name: Joe
Email: joe@utahcranes.com
Phone: 801-984-5736
Message: I have been wanting to meet you for weeks. Thankfully I found your company's website so I can look at your picture all the time. Do you want to meet up after work sometime? Let me know and I'll meet you at your car.

The crane operator next door,

My first thought "holy sh**, I have a stalker" Second thought...wait, what day is it today? That's right, April Fools. They got me pretty good.


Steve said…
Ha, that's a good trick! Now time for me to look for your company's website..... ;-)
mj said…
ha ha ha ha ha. nicely staged. i experienced no april fools jokes (which is really ok with me) so thanks for the vicarious experience.

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