Need chocolate?

I believe I do. You know how sometimes you google yourself...or your friends...or your first boyfriend's name? Well I was doing just that today but came up with nothing. So, borderline psycho that I decided to be I kept searching differen variations and then facebooked and myspaced his name. Well, I didn't find him anywhere. I did, however, find a girl's name with his last name. It's a unique last name. I figured he couldn't possibly be married, at least no one who knows him who knows me ever told me he got married. So I figured this girl was probably related to him and maybe he would be on her myspace friends list and then I could click on him and viola, reconnect. A lot of effort, I know...

Well, it turns out he just got married. To that very girl I clicked on. My first love is married? Worse, to a 23 year old former college cheerleader. I mean, I knew it had to happen eventually. And it's not like we were going to marry each other. I did break up with him over the phone, actually, in all my maturity, had my friend break up with him for me instead of doing it myself. He toilet papered my house that whole summer.

...But still. You never forget your first boyfriend, your first love-crush. He bought me a cordless phone in 8th grade so we could talk in private without my parents getting mad I had a boyfriend. We flirted and fought all through highschool. He moved to Ohio in the middle of my freshman year of college and that was the last I ever heard of him. And now he's married. It's like there was never really going to be anything, but the getting married is the final thing that dashes any hope of that possibility. And it is nice to have that possibility out there.


abby said…
I googled my high school crush and found out he was in actor in LA. He even had pictures of himself along with his acting credentials. He still looked hot even though its been eleven years since I last saw him. I still have the high school journal where I put my declaration of love for him. I had a date with him my junior year of college after I joined the Church. He didn't like the fact that I joined. I already moved on to liking my BYU bf so I didn't really care. I'm glad things like that don't work out. It is jarring when you find someone you had a past with has moved on. They are always the way they were in the past in your mind.
Sherpa said…
I'm trying to think who my first crush/love would be. One is in Vernal, he made some high school football records, had major college teams interested in him, but his grades and knees couldn't handle it. He never left town.

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