Multiplying your Fruit

The U.S. Census Bureau just came out with a report saying our median age is the highest ever. If you remember your highschool geography class and the section when they talked about demographic statistics, you'll remember that's an indication we are probably not having as many kids as we used to.


In related news: I just had a date last night I was pretty excited about. It went fairly well till the guy told me he never wanted to have kids. Ever. He thought they were just too much of a nuisance and he liked spending on him and taking care of just him instead. There are some out there who really, truly feel this way and I have to respect their wishes for their own life. But I can't help thinking of the selfishness factor. Kids are hard to deal with sometimes (I just got out of a relationship with a guy with a kid), but even still they are also wonderful and, raised right, sweet and thoughtful and really fun to hang out with. I want kids someday. It's one of those purpose of life things. But I wonder, given our tendency toward getting married older and having fewer children if it is because of a selfish attitude. Have we lost the ability to share? to give? To have children and be willing to sacrifice to raise them right and work through all the hard times? That just seems so...empty.


Steve said…
Actually, b/c its stats, that isn't necessarily what that change means. It could mean that, but it doesn't. In fact, another report came out in the past couple of weeks that said the US kid average has gone up for the first time in 20 years to 2.1. Also, if people are living longer, which they are, then that too will skew the median up. People can get older, but kids can't get younger, thus the drift up in the numbers.

I understand that guy's feelings. I used to think that about kids. But once you buy most of the junk you want to and go see things you have always wanted to see, life DOES seem to be kind of pointless without spreading your seed!

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