Back from the Big Apple

This is from the back seat of a cab. Muhammed was my driver, but you can't see him. He spoke fast and it was hard to understand what he was saying.

Muhammed: thirty-fi, you, you pay thirty-fi
Me: what?
Muhammed (angry voice, pointing at me): you pay thirty-fi (holding up 4 fingers)
Me: forty-five dollars
Muhammed: Yes, the toe, thirty-fi, you, I pay toe
Me: ?
Muhammed (still pointing): yes, okay? understand thirty-fi, the toe. You like New York? Very espensie!

Later I came to understand he meant $31 plus $4 for the toll road charge.

This is the only other picture I didn't accidentally erase. It was at a place called "Tiles for America". I have no idea why they thought sticking tiles up on the fence behind me would help America, but I'm sure there was a reason. This was across from a pizza place called Two Boots, off the 14th street subway. I met my friend Seth there, though I forgot to get a picture to prove it. I most likely would have erased it, along with the Statue of Liberty pics anyway.

Overall the trip was good. I got over the flying jitters on the way home and the judging competition I went to hooked me up with a lot of good mentors for my profession.

Although I was surprised by a guy I sat next to on the plane ride home. Tom, a big wig manager at Honeywell Home Security told me all about his lovely wife, how they met, yada, yada. Lovely right? I'm thinking great way to pass the time for three and a half hours. Then Tom asked me where some good places were to eat in Salt Lake. I gave him some ideas. Then he asked if I would like to continue our conversation over dinner while he was in town. I should have told him no way. Instead, I thought quick, asked for his business card and said I'd call (spineless lie). I hope his wife finds this blog.


Sherpa said…
You were up in NYC?
SJ said…
Yep. I was there as a judge for the Silver Anvils (national pr award). See earlier posts. One of these days I'll have to get back to DC
Dainon. said…
Tom sucks.
SJ said…
ya, my roommate put it well, there's a reason it's called the mile high club. But the trip itself was really great.
Sherpa said…
Yeah, I vaguely remember you going. We couldn't go up to see you last weekend, but we would've liked to.

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