Mo Money, Mo Stimulus?

Some days I really appreciate President Bush. I don't agree with him on everything, but like a rich uncle I don't really know or see eye-to-eye with on much, I still like the money he's sending my way. Like when he signs a bill to give me, and pretty much everyone I know, around $600 come May.

Yes, folks, that could mean you, too.

It's a measure to help stimulate the economy and get us out of this supposed recession we're in. But will it? Forty-five percent of people in an AP Ipsos poll said they planned to pay off bills, while 32 percent said they would save or invest it. Only 19 percent said they would spend their rebates.

I'll admit, I'm probably not going to go shopping with it, either...though I know some kids who will. So maybe, even if people are saying they'll do something responsible with it like paying down debt or saving, they may in reality end up trekking over to the nearest Nordstrom's.


Dainon. said…
I haven't thought much on rebates yet, so this is one I'd heard about, but likely promptly ignored. How do we snag the free money, SJ?
Steve said…
Dainon, you have to file your 2007 tax return and come May-ish, the Treas will send you a check based upon your return.

SJ, I haven't decided what to do with mine. I'm debating buying a $300+ pair of Tod's (for the good of the country, of course), but since our tax bill will be about a grand this year, I guess it'll mostly be a refund of the bill. Plus, if you invest it, by time you retire it'll be worth over $10,000, which is hard to argue against.
mj said…
I'm debating b/w traveling or saving. We are saving pretty aggressively right now anyway, but more is better.

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