How I spent my day in Utah County

Drove out to The Ranches in the Eagle Mountain, UT community today.

Just take the I-15, get off at Lehi, go all the way down the only real road in Lehi, past Saratoga Springs, a little further out into the middle of nowhere and there you are, an enormous community of brand new homes, nothing but brand new homes, a few LDS chapels and a gas station. I'm not sure where all these people work, but somehow they can all afford homes. It has the feel of small town suburbia. Young families tend to buy there cuz it's the only affordable, decent place left. Just the commute really sucks. One road? One road through three different cities. Though maybe it's worth it to have the clean air, crime-free neighborhood and affordable brand new houses.

The Village Pizza makes a pretty good chicken sandwich. Though it's pretty much the only chicken sandwich in town. The restaurant is one of only three in the whole place. It has black and white pictures of Mormon pioneer polygamists on the wall.

The ad agency I work for is doing all the marketing. I'm in charge of a special little dog lovers event going on this April. I like to call it "Pimp my Pooch". You'll hear more about that later.


Steve said…
Sounds like a scary place to me! It's like the people that live in WV that commute to DC. I never understood the point of wasting your life away in your car.

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