The new blog

I've created a new blog I'd like you all to check out

I used to have a radio spot "Sarah Jane in the City" we used the Sex in the City music to intro it and I would talk about my latest dating adventure. Much of it made up so a)my parents wouldn't be too involved in my own dating decisions, b)so my dates wouldn't run the opposite direction. Most of the dating I did during that time was actually with a steady boyfriend anyway. Some of the dating stories were friend's stories and some of them were from when my bf and I would break up and I'd go on a date with a weirdo that sent me running back to him.

This blog, the one you are reading, is still my personal blog. The new blog follows the same Sarah Jane in the City type story: girl meets boy, or boy meets girl, one likes the other, trouble ensues. Kind of like Sex in the City, except real life. Names and certain details will be changed to protect the innocent (meaning me). Submissions of your own mishaps are also very welcome. Much of the time truth is stranger than fiction, and singles adventures are no exception.


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