Where I Spent My Christmas Vacation

While the rest of you were no doubt holed up in some snowy blizzard sipping hot cider and lattes I was zooming around Arizona in nothing but a tee shirt and flipflops this Christmas.

Mom, Dad and my older bro have all migrated to Phoenix within this last year. So there I went.

Christmas Eve we went to Tortilla Flats. Think many, many Saguro cacti and a backdrop that seems as if the Sundance Kid would come trotting along on his white horse any moment. It's a half hour out of the city. There's a restaurant there where you can order pear cactus icecream and staple perfectly good dollar bills with your family photo to the walls just because that's what you do.

Christmas day? Oh, even better. We went to Sedona, AZ. A place you just have to experience to understand.

Think beautiful setting full of new age hippies who converted ranches into communes and believe the place is littered with vortexes from which alien ships have made contact with Earth...yep, and you can buy the priestess crystals to prove its all real.

And then, last night I came back to the cold snowy world we like to call Utah. The pilot warned it was a frigid 19 degrees as we were coming in. Everyone groaned.

Merry AZ Christmas.


Steve said…
Hmmmm, been thinking of taking a week off in Feb/March to a 'sunny locale' and Phoenix is on the short list. I think your post may have just moved it to the top!
Sherpa said…
19 degrees? That's a heat wave.

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