The Start-up

I have often thought of starting my own business and being my own boss. Some say that's pretty risky, but think about it. Companies are focused down to the penny on cost-cutting measures these days. There's less loyalty to the employees and more attention to the bottom line. Worker bees make less (inflation-wise) and work more than ever and we have fewer benefits. Working for yourself is just about as risky as working for a large conglomerate corporation these days.

"Among a baby-boomer log jam in big companies, a lousy youth-employment rate and a corporate fondness for downsizing and outsourcing, becoming your own boss offers no worse a chance of success than the corporate ladder.

And when you're young, the downside — failure — is really no downside at all."
-USA Today article that says what I was saying

On your own you make your own decisions, you work with who you want, you work when you want, you make as much money as your talents and abilities, creative thoughts and ideas let you. You make money for you, not the deep and well-stitched pockets of someone else who had the guts to strike out one their own.

However, the trick is figuring out the cool idea that will make you a profitable income.

It's a ways off and I like what I do right now. But I think about it. I think others think about it.

Our generation, my generation is more an entreprenuer generation than ever (over half of all the independently employeed are age 25-40). We know no company will take care of us, or reward us for our efforts. We see that, we weight the odds and we strike out on our own.

I saw my own dad work and work and give his time til he was nearly 60 and his company thought he was overpaid and told him so and gave him the "option" of early retirement. He was loyal to them for over 25 years, and continuously got good reviews, awards and high marks. But in the end, it was all about the bottom line. Who cares about quality when you've got to worry about quantity, right?

It's why our generation skips around from job to job. We're looking out for ourselves, for our own resume and employable skills to beat outsourcing and the bottomline. And we do that because we have to. But some of us, a good many of us are figuring it out.

I'm not saying I'm getting out there tomorrow, but I do think, strange as it sounds given all the past stats, it may actually be safer and more rewarding in the long-run for me and my peers to start our own companies these days.


$teve said…
You've convinced me. I'm going to start that small business that I've always wanted to do. I'll put a Thank You for you in the ending credits of my first panda porn.

Thank you again!!!
Steve said…
Ha, I've been thinking about it a lot lately too. At least changing careers into one that requires more entreprenurial skills.

When did you go blonde? Me likey!!!! ;-)
abby said…
I was about to say the same thing as Steve 2. I heard about you being a blond in DC but I never have seen it on you.
seth said…
weren't you blond when i met you? full circle, i see
SJ said…
Yes, I believe I was a blonde then. I'm thinking maybe redhead for the new year but may also keep the blonde...or go dark again. Oh the possibilities!

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