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I've long been thinking about this blog and my next entry in it. I've thought of talking about work and the various and interesting personalities there or how I spent two nights in a row (one on a saturday) working till 1 in the morning on a pitch for a new client. I could talk about my new roommates and the situation with one of them that ended with the other discovering a drunken stranger stuck alone in our house that my first mentioned roommate had only met 20 minutes before (on the internet), but ended up making him hide in the back room when another guy she liked suddenly showed up to hang out with her. Or perhaps I could talk about the hobo spider situation, the mouse and cochroach infestation or the box elder bugs that won't stop reproducing and sending the troops inside. We're getting a bug bomb this weekend. My boyfriend found a new addiction to World of Warcraft in lieu of long walks through the neighborhood and movies spent cuddling together. Not fun. But he swears he misses me. Should I be satisfied with that? I keep telling myself at least he's not into sports shows. The desire is also there to talk about Barack Obama and what I think of his plan to create a better relationship with Iran and the comments he made about Hilary. There's an article all about it on the front cover of the Times today. But I just don't feel informed enough and am currently too lazy to get there on that. and what is it with left-over Halloween decor? I like to buy on the after sales but there just weren't any left. Every store I went to yesterday (Party America, Walmart, Smith's) had all but packed up the last remaining pirate shirt and wooley moving hand to make room for Christmas.


$teve said…
Damn Box Elder bugs!!! Don't feel that you need to do this for it for yourself. :)
B. said…
Today I got to explain Box Elder bugs to a friend from out of town. She was freaked out by it and I was like "No, if you're gonna have bugs it might as well be these ones."

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