Live Strong

I had the fortune yesterday to hear from Lance Armstrong's mom, Linda Armstrong. It was part of an all-day women's conference put on by the Salt Lake Women's Chamber of Commerce. This woman was amazing and empowering and her story left me with the feeling that I can do anything if I believe I am capable of it. She told us to never, never give up.

There she was, this lovely lady stood before us to tell us about her life. She told us when she was young she was poor, but wanted to be a Rockette at Radio City, she was captain of the drill team, with dreams of going on to college. Instead she met a handsome rebel with a gleam in his eye and became a pregnant highschool dropout with no skills. After a year of an abusive marriage (at the age of 16) she was left to raise Lance all on her own. She talked about how she helped Lance live his dream of becoming a world-class champion, and she talked about her drive to succeed. With hardly any education or chance of making it, she worked weekdays and weekends to make ends meet and to pay for Lance's bikes and tours. Finally, after years of labor, she rose to the top of the company, got the corner office and made a six-figure income. All this on her own, without any goverment assistance. She was incredible just to listen to.


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