Adventures in Can-can land

So I'm once again starting to workout...again. I know. So I'm at the gym, Gold's and there's this really fun looking high-energy workout class going on and I think "ya, I could do that" I'm clearly delerious at this point from the 100 or so ab crunches I just finished. So there I am, slipping in the back of the class so nobody notices I've never been there before and start following the routine of the gal in front of me. but before I know it the tiny, high-pitched cheerleader-like instructor tells everyone to turn around. Meanwhile I'm struggling to figure out when to kick where and how often and now we're going backwards and now to the side for three more times this way and five that way or was it five this and three that?...what did she just say? I keep swerving my head to the left and the right to follow the people next to me. The majority of the class is women. Very fit women. I'm suddenly very jealous at how they keep up the high energy routine with seeming ease. It's as if they were born to burn calories...those jerks with their perfect bodies. And I'm very concious that I am, in fact, the most out of shape girl in the room. Nobody notices. They keep leaping and hoping to the beat of some super mixed Abba songs. We're doing the roger rabbit and the whole class is going backwards. The cheerleader tells us to turn around at the same time and then we're kicking. I get so confused I kick into the girl in front of me, leap backwards out of embarrassment and bump the girl in back of me. The guy next to me, the only one in the room, looks at me with disdain. I could die at this point both out of shame and exhaust. I start to slip my way through the crowd of now can-can dancers toward the drinking fountain and then out the door.


B. said…
You should get comcast, they have free workout videos on OnDemand. Working out in the comfort and safety of your own home? Sounds great.
Steve said…
Awwww. Don't get discouraged. It'll get easier and sooner or later, someone else will be "newer" in the class and doing the same thing. :) Besides, most of those people don't really care what you are doing, just don't interfere with their workout!

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