Where have you been little missy?

Haven't posted here in about three weeks. Super busy moving stuff in to new house, getting the right roommates...I actually had a guy who responded to my add saying he knew I was really looking for just a girl house but that he was a man-hater and has helped over 300 women lose weight. Ummm, okay.

Finally found some great gals. One is going through a divorce and out on the dating scene again - she's only 23, can you believe it? But she's really cool so far. The other is from Namibia, but speaks perfect English. She's got beautiful African features, but has very light skin and eyes. She is half African and half European, but the coolest part is she has blonde dreads.

Today I went to the Women in Business luncheon for the Chamber of Commerce. I'm supposed to network at these things. I thought it was great they had the lunch at the Alta Club. It's an old club in Salt Lake that was traditionally a men's only club till the 1980's. If women were ever allowed at all in there back in the day they had to actually enter through the back entrance. So today it was through the front and with a room full of women.

Not sure about the salad, though. I think it was supposed to be some shi-shi gourmet thing, but it was really just a hunk of iceberg lettuce on a plate with creamy pink dressing splashed all over it. Nobody knew what to do with it. We also had salmon and steamed veggies. They must think we're all on a diet. At least I won a gift certificate to Einstein Bagels in the drawing at the end.


B. said…
You flatter me. I said I've helped 200 women lose weight, not 300.
Kersten said…
Hey, I linked to you through B's Microsuede world. I gave the non-profit highlight, if you stuck around for that. I thought it a *bit* strange that the salad dressing was pink, the fish was pink, the cheesecake dressing was pink...maybe women still get the back door in food at the Alta club!
SJ said…
Ya I totally remember you. My roommate actually does something really similar to you guys but she does the actual recording and transcribing and it is for some other non-profit at the U.

Will you be at the next meet at Squatters?
Kersten said…
Nah. I was just there for the non-profit highlight. I don't have enough money to attend regularly.

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