Life in the Fast Lane

So I quit my job in radio to join the darkside. Yes, yes, I have turned to the world of Public Relations. I'll be a Public Relations Account Coordinator slash manager for daVinci Marketing and Advertising. I'd have to say it was the bigger salary and more regular hours that finally lured me in, plus the chance for job growth.

I'm also in the process of buying a house in the Salt Lake ghetto (ya, there is one, it's called Glendale). Dad is beside himself, but I'm hoping that because it's the last cheap area and still close to downtown that I'll see the property go up a significant punch. Although it may just stay the scary meth infested place it now is. It's a nice little house, 3 beds and a bathroom, built in 1900 and all remodeled inside. there are two plum trees and I think a quince (or at least a mishapen pear tree) growing out back. There's a back alley that gives me access to the Mexican and El Salvadorian supermarket on the corner (complete with bars on the door and little chihuahuas). But it's close to freeway access and the new trax line (commuter rail) going in two city blocks north. And hey, let's face it, it's pretty much all the house I could afford. Salt Lake's gotten expensive and I now kick myself for not buying all the times I thought about doing it. My new plan is to build equity and then buy a few rental properties for retirment. Well, that's the plan anyway.

In other news my parents have temporarily moved back to Salt Lake, RV and all. Though they say they're heading to Phoenix for the winter.

Ya, that's a lot to juggle. I just keep thinking "take a deep breath, it'll all be over soon". I'll be settled in my house, get the hang of my job, and love my parents with phone calls from afar. And maybe my roommate, who needs me out by October won't mind me staying an extra week and maybe my car will not break down again and maybe no one will have a cow the last few days of work and maybe I'll get a massage somewhere in there, too.


B. said…
I've lived here my whole life and I have no idea where are what Glendale is.

I'm glad you have this new job, because maybe you'll finally understand my code:
1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21
mj said…
waoh. i mean woah. on the second thought, maybe i do mean waoh.
Jon said…

Congrats on the new gig.

From the word on the street it sounds like you made the right move.

Good job on the house too. We saw the value of our house double in six years, it can only go up.

Oh, and lock your doors :)
esperanza said…
K--we really do need to talk! Why and when and how come, just the hours?!?!? Good for you!
SJ said…
b-your code is so clear to me now that i make more. funny how the numbers just add up.

MJ-at least it's no more woe

Jon-thx...and yes I will

Krystal-I will email you my new number
$teve said…
Congratulations on the new job. My grandma lives in Glendale. It's not as bad as you think...but it never hurts to be strapped...just in case. :) Anyway, sweet blog...and congratulations again.
seth said…
good luck with the new job. must be exciting and a little scary to try something completely new.
mj said…

I need to call you. Erin says your number has changed and I don't have a new one. Do you have mine? I'm not even sure the email I have for you is good cuz I think I maybe forgot to save the good one. I have the drmrgrl one. Do you use that?


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