Zombies! Prisoners! Prisoner Zombies!

Like zombies? prisoners? well, you're in for a treat, for here they are, zombie prisoners dancing to "thriller"...um btw, that is NOT a lady in the yard.


Dainon said…
I like this one.

And thanks for the wink. I wish I had the power in my eyes to wink back.
SJ said…
It's because, and it seems you don't know this yet, I am actually a zombie. Notice how I like all those zombie movies and eating people? (saying this makes me realize you will now think I'm even more awesome and thus more attractive, even if it means I eat people and am un-dead, and it will perhaps make it even harder for you to wink back, but why hide the truth?)
Dainon said…
Well, it will make me change the menu a bit when I make you birthday breakfast.

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