I know what I did last weekend

Watched the Salt City Derby girls: Bomber Babes vs. Death Dealers

These girls aren't afraid to kick some a$$


Sherpa said…
ok, that's pretty cool...I can't see a whole lot..or get what they are doing really, but its cool.
SJ said…
ya, my phone's not so good with action shots
B. said…
Derby. Sigh.
Steve said…
OH! I love derby! Did anyone ever watch that show either in the late 80's or early 90's that showed roller derby on Saturday night at like 11 or something? Anyone? Hello?
Well, I think it's a cool thing and there is a league in DC; a woman's only league, but I haven't been there to check it out.
Now I am going to go see on the KSL page if you did a story about this!!!!

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