Oldest child, smartest child?

A new study says your older brother is smarter than you. My older brother is definitely more math smart, the kind of guy that actually likes to take math books and solve equations for fun (nerdy? yes) but then I'm more writing and english smart. I like to take blogs and write on them for fun (also nerdy? umm, try rad). But what do you think? Is this true in your family?


Michael said…
Since I'm the oldest, of course I believe it's true.

In truth, any standardized measure of intelligence rates me as smarter than my siblings, however I don't know that I put much stock in those. My brother and sister are both bright, and they both posses certain types of intelligence not measured by standardized tests in much greater amounts than I do.

Plus, I'm the laziest.
Sherpa said…
My younger brother saw this study in the newspaper when we were in Colorado last week. I score higher on standardized tests than my brothers but they both are very intelligent. The middle one is more focused in his school work, while the youngest is more like me-capable but interested in everything.
Steve said…
I don't put much stock in it and I AM the oldest. My younger brother is definitely smarter when it comes to science and maybe math, but I definitely have many other skills that he doesn't. Ok, I guess I just disproved my point and proved yours! haha.
mj said…
meh. all my brothers are smart. i assume they're talking about "IQ" in which case i would probably win out just barely since i generally perform best on standardized tests (by a very few points). i'm number three of four.

i listened to your little schpiel on the radio re: this and i am the only girl and wonder if that makes a difference (apparently they only tested men?). i did used to have my dad make up math problems for me (definitely pre-adolescent years), probably because i liked the praise when i got them right.

when i get older i realized i didn't actually like math.
mj said…
i said "did used to have." how could i NOT be the smartest?
sugarcube said…
I'm the most streetwise of my siblings.

(I don't know if the above is actually true, I just thought of it while I read your post and it made me laugh.
B. said…
I am oldest and also the smartest in every regard.
TheLetterH said…
I'm the youngest of eight, so statistically speaking, I must just be as dumb as Kelly Ripa—er, I mean...a post.

But none of that really makes sense, seeing as how I am...a...freaking...genius.

By inference, this must mean my older siblings are off the charts brilliant. Can't wait to tell them the good news.

B. said…
Things just haven't been the same since you quit blogging, SJ.
$teve said…
Like most, I would have to agree with the study...simply because I'm the oldest. There's still hope though. My brother just has to get really, really smrt in the next two years or so.

I don't believe in typos.

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