Ever just get caught up in one of THOSE moments?

So I was just calling for more info on possible story ideas and this one guy calls me back. Well, he seems pretty cool (like he has an arty clothing store and renovates stuff) and we're all talking and I'm trying to match his coolness and I say something like, ya, cool dude... awkward pause of silence on the other end... That's when it hits me how dated that phrase is. So then I say something like, umm, sorry for calling you dude, I have no idea what happened there. then we both burst out laughing.


B. said…
No way. Those words are timeless. They will never go out of style. Not eva.
seth said…
i use that word pretty much all the time. i think.h
Steve said…
No problem, dude. It's cool. Wait, is THAT not cool to say anymore? Dude!

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