Air Apparent

Bet you never thought you'd see the day they sold you a bottle full of air. Well, today's the day at select convenience stores nationwide. This one's the Big OX. The cost: ten dollars. The (almost exclusively psychologically induced) high? priceless.

This is me and the oxygen bottle. We're about to make out.

But then it tried to tongue me...gross!


B. said…
That can could use a few lessons from me.

Or maybe it's the other way around...
esperanza said…
Your kidding...what's the sales pitch on the stuff? And where did you buy it?
SJ said…
It supposedly gives you all this energy, relieves headaches, blah, blah. One lady at 7-11 told me they don't sell it cuz kids could get, that's not actually possible, but I let her live her dreams.
chris said…
I see you went with the Polar Rush.

The testimonials are a laugh
Steve said…
Who would have thought a running joke in 'Space Balls' would come true?!?! Now all we need is be beamed all over the place and end up with our head on backwards, haha.

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