We Need a War

I realize Fischerspooner's We Need a War from their "Odyssey" album's been out for a while (came out in 2005) but what fitting lyrics

If we say we need a war, we need a war.
If we say we want a war, we need a war.

How many wars are started because somebody would rather use braun instead of brains? The Iraq war is only one example.

I was just talking to this Muslim youth about a story I put together today on a survey that came out saying 1 in 4 young muslim Amercans would support a suicide bombing to some extent. He said he'd never support it, but could see why somebody would. He said he could see how they would justify it if they were backed against a wall and felt they had no other options. This is what begets violence. Quick action, not enough thinking about other options. But we'd rather do that. War strokes the ego, war fulfills our aggressive tendencies. War supports the military economy, war supports our need for oil, it gets presidents elected. It's why the petition for a US Department of Peace will never go anywhere. Pipe dreams, idealist pipe dreams of bubble-headed hippies they say. But why? Why does that have to be the unrealistic imaginings of flower children?

Fists of action have more respect, and innocent citizens of circumstance suffer the consequences. It's the same when someone blows themself up in the name of Allah, or invades a country to "prevent an attack". So if we want a war, we say we need a war and if we say it's necessary well then it is. Oh, and if we say we must stay, well then we must, cuz we said so, right?


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