So this is a little late but I'd like to officially thank Salt Lake City Weekly, right here, on my personal blog (there's no political agenda, newsworthiness or anything really of importance outside the universe that is "SJ" here and like only 5 people actually read it, but I'd like them all to know anyhow), for mentioning my name, along with the rest of the Nightside crew last week in their annual "Best of" edition. You guys rock!

...in other good news: Nightside came out at #2 in the rating trends. That's phenomenal considering our time slot on the same station was at #11 when we started. Go Nightside!


B. said…
You claim that you are mentioned by name, but I don't see any mention of an SJ in that article. Although to be fair I didn't actually read the article.

Just kidding. I may just have to start paying attention to this Nightside business.
SJ said…
It's Sarah Jane, silly. And yes, you should take a listen, tell me whatcha really think.

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