A little advace

If you're gonna get a tat, you might not want to get it where they can't spell. Sure, maybe they were just trying to be clever by spelling it with a tat for tattoo instead of a.... well you know. But say you go in there and ask for I love my mom but get "I love mamam". Oops.


Dainon said…
It's more like this: "You wanna tat? You want what? Tweety Bird with Sylvester's tail coming out his mouth? Atta boy!"
B. said…
haHA! Legume. Yes.
esperanza said…
LOL> That is the funniest thing I have seen/heard all day! Thanks for the comic relief!
Jefe said…
I would never get a tattoo there, I take my tattoos very seriously, how can I trust my Morrissey tribute tattoo to someone who doesn't take their vinyl sign advertisement correct.

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