Where did you say you're from?

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Russian. Yes darlink,eez true. And I when I hear someone with an English accent...well, they just sound smarter. But even within our own borders we all have our own special brand. Even if you moved all over the east and west coasts as a kid, you probably have at least a slight accent you picked up from somewhere. Here's a quiz to find out where your from based on the way you talk.


Steve said…

That quiz was great, although I had my doubts about how an online quiz could diagnose my accent, but it hit it dead on!!! North Inland with a strong hint of Northeast and nailed that I call pop "pop"! :)

SJ said…
It was funny because it said I had a mid-western accent and could have a career in broadcasting.

When I took it the way I used to say things it said I was from the West...which I am. All that broadcaster training paid off.
Scully said…
It said I had a Midland accent too, even though I spent most of my life in Washington state. But my mom is from Idaho and my dad from Michigan, so that might have something to do with it. Plus that fact that I am a grammar nazi and anglophile and make a conscious effor to properly pronounce things.
abby said…
It says I am from the Inland North. I never lived in the midwest and no one has ever thought I was from Wisconsin. Most people pin me as from the East but a place they can't quite place. I'm from NJ which only comes out in certain words. I call soda...um...soda.
SJ said…
ya, you're definitely from Jersey, girl.

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