A scene from 30 Rock

Tracy: So, what's your religion?

Liz (Tina Fey): I don't know, I just do whatever Oprah tells me to.


Sherpa said…
and then........

Tracey Jordan dresses up like Oprah at the Source Awards....meanwhile reDICKulous is in a business deal with Jack..and Liz's black "boyfriend" gets shot..by her in the butt.

The show borders on brilliant sometimes.
Scully said…
Last week a friend of mine (and all her co-workers) were forced by their bosses to watch The Secret video because Oprah had done a special on it. My friend said it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever seen.
SJ said…
It's the same as that video What the Bleep, but people love that crap because it sounds smart and scientific with a fuzzy bunny
feel-good, if you believe it will happen twist. And some people prefer the imaginary world over reality.
SJ said…
I used to LOVE Oprah. I watched her with my mom every afternoon after school. She's part of the reason I went into Broadcasting...but now I sometimes wonder if she's just changed or if I've just grown up.
Scully said…
I never really watched Oprah, so I was never attached to her. I think she does a lot of good, but sometimes I think she makes it All About Oprah, when sometimes other people or things should take center stage for the moment.
esperanza said…
This has nothing to do with that, but they made fun of Mormonism on The Gilmore Girls the other day. A gay guy on the show was a temporary "Mormon." Funny.
I like the line in the latest Woody Allen flick, Scoop.

"I used to be part of the Hebrew faith but now I only practice Narcissism."

And sj, I thought What The Bleep was a documentary!!

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