Remember this?

I used to sing right along with this commercial every saturday morning.


abby said…
That commercial really takes me back. now I have the music in my head. Thanks for sharing.
SJ said…
Anytime, abz, we can have a retro sing-along. "You've got a right to say no"
erinannie said…
Here's more info than you ever cared to know about the dancers in that video. They were called the "DARE Kids," and most were professionally trained musicians, and they traveled around the country, usually performing with a local Boy Scout troop at local schools, etc. The dance in the video is pretty much the same one they did on stage, just without the cool "special effects." The biggest moment of my 12 yr old life? Getting to perform with them at the Kennedy Center in front of Pres Reagan's (Nancy's?) Anti-Drug Task Force. I loved that dumb commercial so much that I thought it was the world's biggest honor to get to sing and dance to that song with them.

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