Movies I've watched since I've been sick (and yes, I'm still sick, bleh)

Holiday- cute lil romantic comedy, cheesy yes, some over-acting mmmmaybe...but still just the perfect little chick flick (and Kate Winslett is such a good actress, some people say I kinda look like her when my hair is curly)
Borat-a certain someone forced me to watch it...okay he didn't force me, but I was reluctant. I made him skip the wrestling scene. But okay, it was actually a funny film. He tries to kidnap Pamela Andersen with a wedding sack.
Herbie Fully Loaded-cheesy, Disney
The Baxter-darling, I recommend this one to any guy that just can't seem to get a girl interested in him
How to Eat Fried Worms-perfect movie for ten year old boys. They blow up a worm in the microwave
Cider House Rules-about abortion
Thumbsucker-Keanu Reeves is his usual understated, slow-talking yet somehow humurous self
Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny-uhhhh. JB is always funny, but this was a little over the top at the end.
The Celestine Prophecy-I read the book in highschool. it's a little new age, but then I kinda like that stuff
Sky High-Really cute kids movie. It would be my favorite if I were twelve.

That's since Sunday...we don't believe in cable or antennas for reception where I movies it is.


Scully said…
I liked half of The Holiday. I kept wishing they would get back to the Kate Winslet/Jack Black/Cute-Older-Man story line, rather than spend so much time with the Cameron Diaz/Jude Law story line. Jude Law has a humongous skeeve factor that even his character's 'heart-warming' plot twist couldn't eradicate. Also, I would have liked more than 10 seconds of John Krasinski, but that is a personal problem.
SJ said…
really, Jude Law skeeze? I think he is sooo good looking. But ya, I really liked the cute JB and Kate couple story line much more. I liked how everyone had these typical Hollywood jobs, not actors, just the people that put it all together, y'know?
esperanza said…
How to eat fried worms---just the preview made me want to barf!The whole worms thing, sick. Shy High I hated, and wasted a $1 on at Movies 8. Gosh, Esperanza, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! *Okay* LOL. Wish I had more time to watch movies, maybe I need to get sick....
Scully said…
The skeeve factor comes from the whole nanny scandal. I mean, you get divorced and promptly hook up with a much-younger costar, then cheat on her with the nanny, and said cheating comes out because one of your kids tells your ex-wife about witnessing said cheating. Total and complete skeeve. I have a difficult time separating how someone looks from their behavior.
SJ said…
Oh, that I didn't know.

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