Blog Synergy...or thank this one to Jefe and Thunderfist

Because of you guys two other young and talented guys will be featured on the Nightside Project for their documentary series. I found Travis and Damien through Thunderfists link to Jefe's blog which had a link to a blog known as gladhanded. It had a post about his project and a link to a website that told me about this project. What is it? A four-part documentary featuring the global humanitarian aid efforts of the LDS Church...and this documentary will be featured during conference. I told my news team about it, they loved it. badda bing. the two producers of the series are now on our show tonight to talk about their awesome work. And it's all because of blogging.


Damian said…

thanks for the tip. But fyi, you can go straight to my blog from thunder fist (I am the sad clown).

Most of my posts aren't about serious stuff like self promotion. Usually it is a pleasant mixture of self-aggrandizement blended with self-deprecation.
SJ said…
And now I can go directly to you from my blog, too.
Jefe said…
Thanks SJ, for including me. I think I need to be more ambitious in my life
Dainon said…
Blogging saves.

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