Re-cap of the very uneventful weekend

Friday-was going to work out, sobbed myself into a bag of potato chips instead. Ignored roommates. Did not clean my room (it is officially a hazardous disaster zone). Went to bro's house and watched Thank You for Smoking. Upon arriving home ate half frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, which fell on the floor

Saturday-got hair done, hoping for bombshell, got blah. dresser ruined hair so I cut it myself. Hair is now back to length it was 3 months ago. Why do I even bother? Ate more chips, bought chocolate, ate chocolate. Talked to Heidi's gay friend about B. She forbid me from seeing him. Then I cried. Ate more chocolate. Went to bed early

Sunday-tried to sleep in. roommate plunked church hymns on the upstairs piano (which is right above the vent in my room. could not sleep in. woke up annoyed. ate chocolate for breakfast. roommate sweetly offered pancakes. i purposely ignored her offer (finally noticed i was in a bad funk over the break up). ate more chocolate. went to church. skipped out early. did not care. watched movies and ate junk. talked with dc david for an hour. people came over later that evening. talked with neighbor david for an hour. went to his house, talked a couple more hours, realized that though he is very good looking and most girls in the ward probably only wish they could get this alone time with him, i only wanted b. was he making a pass? i can't tell and partly don't care. david drove me home. roommates were shocked at my lack of interest. went to bed at 1 am

i realize life only sucks cuz i'm letting it, but i'm totally okay with that


esperanza said…
You blog was so bridget jones style, you should do an essay on bad days or something, loved this post!
mj said…
way to wallow. if what's-his-face and i ever break up, i will do this very thing for a long, long time.
Abz said…
My friend once sent me a wallowing kit that included products called tainted love with sayings about how guys didn't deserve me. I once wallowed by eating apples all day and cutting a half day at work. Sometimes a good cry, lots of junk food, and talking seems to do the trick. It's part of the mourning process and I'm sure you are in a much better position even today. February is just a wallowing month in general.
SJ said…
Ya, Valentine's Day is just f*'ed up Hallmark bs...unless you really, truly are in a healthy happy relationship. and to those lucky few i say rock on, love rockers.

Confession: I texted him tonight and he texted back. I could kick myself.

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