I have an eating disorder

Obviously I'm not anorexic...though I once KNEW a girl who's parents named her Anna Rexig. Cruel. But really, I think my diet officially consists of nothing but junk and fast food and I now realize I have a problem.

This is what I ate today:

Wendy's chicken nuggets (6 piece)
Wendy's fries
Wendy's vanilla frosty (I dipped the fries in the frosty, mmmm)

That was breakfast

Then work gave me a large and heavily frosted pink valentines cookie with little red sugar sprinkles-which I devoured (read inhaled) on the spot.
I also ate a 7-11 apple fritter (the whole thing, and it wasn't even that good-it was dry)
also a Mountain Dew Slurpee and a tootsie pop for lunch

I probably visit Wendy's almost every day. and not shy about my chocolate addiction. I'm seriously considering counseling. No, really. Or a hypnotist. Or jsut letting myself enjoy it...whatever


Devon Ellington said…
If you start to enjoy cooking, you'll start eating better.

I haven't eaten at Wendy's for a year or two.
SJ said…
My roommate is a health nut. I used to be, but totally lost interest about a year ago...I'm thinking of re-converting. I did actually order the baked potato instead of the fries today.
Scully said…
Watch Super Size Me. That will turn you off fast food. And for chocolate addiction, I have no answer. My semi-solution is to buy these really dark (70-80% cocao) chocolate bars that cost $2 (proceeds go to help endangered species) at Smith's and eat one square a day. Thus combating the addiction by a)optimizing whatever flavins and anti-oxidants are in dark chocolate and b)helping helpless creatures. Plus, it is really good dark chocolate!
esperanza said…
LOL. I think we all have days and weeks like that, but hopefully not months? Nothing wrong with a little chocholate though! It's necessary for survival!If you learn any new tricks though let me know!
sugarcube said…
I've been boycotting Wendy's for almost two years because it is the grossest of all fast food joints.
SJ said…
I went to Carlucci's today and ordered a hummus and sprout sandwich. Much healthier, but considerably more expensive.

Scully-the test of a true chocoholic is that they prefer the dark stuff. The more you eat it the more you want it. Trust me. it's a downward spiral.
Sherpa said…
Funny, I'm not much of a chocolate eater (I like it, but don't love it) however, I prefer my chocolate dark.
Sherpa said…
I think Esperanza is right. We all have days and weeks like that for a variety of reasons. Then we snap out of it because you don't feel as well as you do when you eat healthy.

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