Life, the Universe, and Everything

I was talking with a friend last night about the meaning of life as we watched the animated short versions of The Matrix. We were drinking pineapple juice. well, I was drinking pineapple juice, he was drinking wine because he said it was good for the heart. I tried to tell him it's actually the grape pectins and he'd get the same health results from drinking grape juice as he would wine, but he was unconvinced. He said it was because it loosens people up and relaxes them and gives them time to contemplate, which is a de-stressor, thus good for the heart. I continued to drink my pineapple juice.

I've been thinking about our deep discussion from last night. about the meaning of life. I've gone through all the religious and philosophical reasons I could think of. To reach heaven, to have offspring, to answer all your unanswered questions, to make history. Those last two may never be realized by most people so I've concluded those are not the meaning of life. I think right now that the meaning of life is to experience life. And no matter what you will do that. Somehow, some way every person that comes to this planet will have the experience of life. wether they make it to heaven, get all their questions answered, bear children or solve world hunger they will have experienced life. To me that is what we are meant to do, at the very least.


Panini said…
I like your theory.
Devon Ellington said…
Yes, at the very least.

And, as we are taught to do at National Parks, we should leave each place we touch better than we found it.
Steve said…
Agreed, 'Only you can prevent forest fires' and 'Give a Hoot, don't pollute'. Words to live by!
SJ said…
And yes, Esper, it was the one you are thinking of. I guess right now you could say I'm experiencing him.
esperanza said…
LOL. We need to talk!
Jon Dunn said…
But what is there is no heaven SJ?

You know I had to come in and say that

SJ said…
actually, i'm glad you asked. what if? But, as they say in the Good Book, "seek and ye shall find". Now, if you don't happen to put any credence in the Bible, well, you are still here, still experiencing life, and one day you'll die and then you'll know if there is a heaven or not.

In the end it's really just our own experiences we can really trust.

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