Karma Pavement Plan

My financial life always seems to be on an even keel. Just when I think I have extra, something goes. No, I take that back. Actually the bassackwards thing happened today. My brakes started to go. I noticed a terrible grind every time I came to a halt. So I knew the Sable tooth tiger would be going to the shop. I got all the material (interviews) I needed for my story today. Dropped the big blue car off at DeVrooms Garage (and the lady at the front desk was adamant there was almost zero chance they were actually going to get to it before Monday). and walked the 7 city blocks in the cold to where I work. I phoned my boss on my way to let him know i was now the carless wonder. and then tried to figure out in my head on my long walk back just exactly how i was going to pay for the brakes and buy christmas presents at the same time. When I got in my boss handed me a check and said it was "brake money". It was the company Christmas bonus that everyone gets. I coulda had extra money for once...but it's now brake money. So once again I am probably on an even financial plane. Of course, if it weren't for that I would have been in the red, so I could look at this and say at least I'm not in the red. But it's really funny. It seems like no matter what I always come out even. I think it may be karma.

*if you get the Modest Mouse reference you are a genius and we should be friends


Steve said…
Ever see that Seinfeld where Jerry always breaks even, your post reminds me of that. :)
SJ said…
Oh ya, it is kinda like that. Funny thing is I have some extra money coming in for a voice-over I did in a commercial. Turns out I also have to pay for a parking ticket from over the summer that I was never notified of. How weird is that?
Steve said…
Yeah, that is definitely like Jerry and breaking even ala when Elaine throws $20 out the window and then Jerry finds a $20 bill in his pocket five minutes later!?!?

Word of advice, buy lots of nice presents for others this year. :)
Esperanza said…
Yeah, someone is watching out for you girl! Although it doesn't always seem like it when things go wrong.

Ah, I aspire to one day be rich enough to buy a nice car too....

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