Portland cont

Apparently I can load only so many photos at a time so this is Portland, part deux.

After the beach we went to a glass blower foundry. You can't see it but the blower dude has a lot of pretty sweet tattoos and some really big, pointy gauges. A lot of people in Portland seem to have tats

Then, of course, we went shopping at the outlets. My roommates and I all got ski jackets for super discounts at the Columbia outlet (Columbia is based outta Portland). I got a $200 jacket for the $60 special of the week. Check out our cool hand thingys.

We left Sunday morning. Oregon is a very long state and most of the drive was through it. We actually spent 13 hours driving back because we had to drop my roommate Julie off in the middle of the desert for a survival experiment...okay, actually she had a conference at a mine in Elko she had to be at in the morning so we went thatta way and dropped her off at the Elko Hilton. We saw snow on the way. Tyler was very happy.


Sherpa said…
what a cool trip!

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