Final installment of the Portland trilogy

We got in at 1 am. This is me, dead tired and VERY happy to finally sleep in my own bed.

I still have much laundry and unpacking to do...and a brand new coat to put away and now a Bob Dylan book to read (he can't sing worth crap, but the songs are still good, and his book, so far, is pretty interesting. He admits to lying to the press a lot.


That One Guy said…
I am also not a big fan of "Bob the Mumbler", however, his latest, Modern Times, is WELL worth the listen, and is recommended for sure. By me.

Steve said…
Awesome trip! Sounds like fun. Also your roommate Jenn looks super cute, hehe. I'm not sure if I understand the purpose of those hand things? Are they supposed to keep your palms warm?!?!?
SJ said…
naw, they're to keep the snow out. They're sewn inside the arm so that snow can't fall in. So techie!

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