Happy mid-term elections eve. Chances are your fav candidate is now on Myspace or Facebook. Rock the vote, whoever you're going for, kids!


mj said…
yee ha. second year in a row my candidate won (also second time ever). how cool would it be if i could believe in politicians for a change? i sure hope those dems walk the walk
Esperanza said…
I totally voted and your friend Wade was sitting at the election polls, jury is still out on exactly what I think of that one. I now also visit teach his X-girlfriend who is so darling.
SJ said…
ugh, Wade. He actually asked me at the Halloween party if I could teach him how to build his own news station or something like that (like I would teach him how to build the competition?). I kept wondering if he was really actually going to do it or just wanted to tell people he was doing something like that because it sounded "fun" and they might think he was cool.

btw, blog readers-I have a ton to post about my weekend road trip if I have time in the next few days.

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