K to the J to the I.L.

We all know Lil Kim is, as Letterman says, Menta-lee-il, but I was thinking about the situation over there and wondered if China (their biggest fan) should stop giving the NK food and money now that they've got nuclear weapons capabilities? and should we? I was watching the BBC and wondering if it's better to cut them off and let them suffer till Mister Il is forced out of power, or if that would only make the situation there worse and needlessly waste millions of lives. It's a terrible prospect. So far I've come to the conclusion that I'm glad I'm not in charge of those decisions. Thoughts?


Esperanza said…
It is a terrible prospect over there I was watching CNN last night and they were showing some of the little starving--desperately starving little children who need our aid! You hear about it, but the pictures got to me....whatever happens or how we help/don't help someone is going to suffer. Sniff*
Scully said…
When I was studying international relations, my emphasis was Asia. North Korea has always been the red-headed step-child to China. Anecdotes I read/heard basically made N. Korea look like a demanding child and China the resentful parent. Apparently when N. Korean officials visit China's military installations, they hide all their advanced technology because N. Korea will demand they give them some because of their communist brotherhood or something. I think China is looking for a reason to break ties with N. Korea and this may be it.
Steve said…
The "red-headed step-child" is a perfect way to describe NK. It's also why sanctions will not work. First of all, who else did we sanction, that's right, Iraq. The only thing that happened is that the big wigs stayed rich and ate well while the general public starved and couldn't get the medicine they need. In NK it'd only be worse.

Il doesn't care about the people, b/c he views them as part of a machine, that is why he has ordered them all out to the countryside to become farmers to feed the country. The capital is almost like a ghost town. By ignoring them or "sending them to the corner" for being bad with their toys will only make them more desperate and demanding of everyone's attention. Therefore, it is essential that we as the #1 country every claims us to be and act like the adult and sit down and figure out a way diplomatically how to deal with this. By calling them names, ie "Axis of Evil", and taking away their dessert, ie sanctions, we are only exasperating their actions!!!

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